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AnchorCon Cosplay Safety Policy


Any costumes or cosplay that may cause harm to the attendees will not be allowed to enter AnchorCon. This includes costumes that are subtly or blatantly racist, excessively physically violent (blood, gore, etc.), sexist, homophobic or otherwise ill-intentioned or malignant towards others. AnchorCon is a family friendly and inclusive event and reserves the right to refuse entry to any attendee for any other deemed inappropriate cosplays or costumes. See AC’s complete Harassment Policy for further information.

AnchorCon has a ZERO TOLERANCE harassment policy. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. See AC’s complete Harassment Policy for further information.

All costumes and cosplays must be public convention appropriate. All cosplays MUST cover body areas covered by regular age-appropriate swimwear attire. Genitals and upper torso of all expressions of gender must be covered. Management reserves the right to refuse entry for any over-sexualized imagery or portrayal of characters. AnchorCon is a family-friendly event, and any material/cosplay/presentation of the two that is not considered safely suitable for minors will not be permitted.

Any prop or weapon MUST follow convention rules and MUST follow all state and local laws. Cosplay/prop weapons MAY NOT be constructed of metal. Wood and PVC are permitted. All weapons that resemble ANY type of gun MUST be checked and tagged by AnchorCon security upon entering the convention. Per NYS law, prop guns MUST have a completely visible orange marker on the tip of the muzzle (paint, tape, ziptie etc.). BLADED weapons must be dull-edged and checked by security. ALL weapons at AnchorCon will be tagged with an orange marker.

AnchorCon reserves the right to refuse entry of ANY prop weapons of ANY material if they are deemed potentially harmful.

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