AnchorCon 2022 has cosplay fun for all ages! Get your picture taken with other cosplayers, amateur and professional! Pose with a backdrop, fandom car, or celebrity! Enter the cosplay contest! Details below!

Cosplay Contests

This year AnchorCon will be offering two cosplay contests!

Saturday - 4pm Adult Contest with 3 categories!
Master Builder, Novice, & Walk on

Sunday - 1:15pm Children's cosplay parade
2pm Children's Cosplay Contest
MEET AT COSPLAY STAGE on the first floor!

Master Builder: 
1st prize -  $200 cash, custom trophy, and VIP ticket to next year’s event
    2nd prize -  $50 cash and  weekend pass to next year’s event

1st prize -  $100 cash, custom trophy, and VIP ticket to next year's event 
2nd prize -  $50 cash and weekend ticket to next year's event

Walk On: 
1st prize - Custom Trophy and weekend ticket to next year’s event

1st prize -  Custom Trophy, family pass to next year's event, food voucher for the concession stand on Sunday 

Judges Choice: 
Custom Trophy, Weekend Pass to next year's event


Cosplay Director.png

Quaintrelle has been cosplaying for nearly a decade, and does it simply for the fun of it. A veteran con-goer, emcee and performer, and with numerous builds under her many belts, Quaintrelle is proud of her record as a mod-cosplayer. Instead of building the majority from scratch, she'll have hours of fun finding pieces that can be modified and put together to create the various cosplays she's created. Featured in the SDCC award-winning documentary "Cosplay Universe", she's so happy to be part of the organizing team that is bringing AnchorCon to Clayton! 

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Obscure Kosmplay .png

Obscure Kosmplay (Obscure/Candi) has been cosplaying for 10+ years, and has delved in all forms of popculture, from anime, video games and comics. They have explored the art of cosplay in many different forms and enjoy the challenge of more difficult projects.
Some of their most proud cosplays currently are Skull Kid from Majora's Mask, The Batman Who Laughs from the DC Multiverse and a Winter Lantern from Bloodborne the video game which have all won craftsmanship awards.

Check out their FB page and IG!

Asgardian Web.png

Asgardian Angelo hails from the Rochester, NY area, and has been a cosplayer for 10 years. This veteran has spent her build time enjoying diving into the mind of the character and fully embodying the spirit of it, bringing her cosplays to vivid life. Body positive and fully embracing all interpretations of cosplay, Asgardian Angelo has created cosplays such as Lady Loki, Captain Marvel, Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2), and used her talents to create humanized versions of beloved icons, like the TARDIS.

Check out their FB page and IG!

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