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Creative Par-Tees


Creative Par-Tees is a small family business ran right out of our family home. Consisting of just myself (Angie) and my husband (Randy), we travel the country attending multiple conventions a year for over 9 years now, sometimes with our 2 kids along for the ride. I manually hand screen print every apparel item we sell. We don’t send our apparel out for printing. Many hours go into designing and printing our items.

We only print on the highest quality garments so that our shirts, hoodies, baseball tees, baby and toddler shirts hold up through years of wearing, washing and drying. We always love when repeat customers come to our booth wearing our shirts from years ago. Our designs are inspired by some of our favorite pop culture phenomenons. As fans ourselves, we enjoy the atmosphere of conventions and the people we meet. We have been fortunate to have gained support from many actors themselves, who wear our shirts and share pics on their social media accounts.

However, we don’t only offer apparel. We have a variety of creations for sale at our booths including decals, tote bags, handmade jewelry, drink-ware, art prints, and sometimes even toys. We often reach out to other artists and crafters to create items for us for collaboration or to help gain them exposer to more customers at these events.

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Creative Par-Tees
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