Vendor/Artist Floor

Hand screen printed apparel, tote bags, handmade jewelry, other miscellaneous collectibles.

Laser Crits

Tabletop gaming accessories (dice bags, player dashboards, etc) and gaming and pop culture themed jewelry, keychains, and pins. All items hand sewn, 3d printed, or Laser cut!

Sawdust and Ink

Wood and resin work, sublimated glass, 3D printed wares.

Andromeda's Alchemy

Plushies, fandom jewelry and stickers, dice bags.

Eternally Thirsty

Corsets, goggles, fantastical horned headdresses!

The Implied Line

Fantasy jewelry, elf ears, crowns, word pins, custom jewelry, antlers and monster horns.

Kali Kreations

Shot glasses, wine mugs, beer mugs with vinyl or etched images of tattoo and fandom-inspired images.

Studio Cadco

Studio Cadco -charms, enamel pins, prints, decals, stickers, buttons, lanyards, cosplay ID props.

Goblin Market Studio

Horns, ears, cosplay parts and creatures.

Infinite Lives

This popular local gaming shop will be sponsoring and providing not only panels on the History of Gaming, but a GAMING TOURNAMENT at AnchorCon!! Stay tuned for more details on how to enter the tournament in our posts! In the meantime, Infinite Lives has all your gaming needs, from controllers, to consoles to your favorite figurines!

Toku Arts

Toku Arts creates kaiju and creature flair including enamel pins, patches, and more.

A Plush Wonderland by Elikathal -Plushies both fandom and non fandom, our best seller is our dragon backpacks and twig plush. Cosplay kimono dresses and accessories such as matching Pokémon ears. A large assortment of pins featuring artwork and phrases made in person by us.

The Butler Did It Players

Interactive events including fandom movie showings, ghost tours, murder mysteries, improv, and more! Join them Friday night for the Interactive Movie and visit their booth on the floor!

Mad Crafters

Primarily crochet plushies/3D items, 2D art (digital, traditional), charms, stickers, buttons, keychains

Mad Dormouse Designs

Nerdy home items, such as oven mitts/pot holders; gaming accessories, such as dice bags; nerdy apparel, including cosplay-ready hats and scarves; even geeky baby onesies.


Handmade Long Furbies. Handmade character plushies, pillows, jewelry and resin art. Handpainted pop culture canvas. Hand drawn pop culture/anime prints and pins