Optimus is Here

Optimus Is Here

Meet the world's FIRST and (currently) ONLY full scale replica of the new Optimus Prime® vehicle mode from Age of Extinction! You are looking at a custom built truck that was assembled from the factory floor for the sole purpose of becoming a one-of-a-kind replica. And it was legally approved by the trademark owners - Hasbro!

Assembled and then heavily customized in 2016, this replica project was led by an ordinary dad who simply wanted to inspire his son that the most impossible dreams can come true with hard work and determination. For starters, you can check out this article on America's Footprints to learn more about our story. We also encourage you to watch this fantastic documentary that was done on us in 2018.

Approximately 25 very talented individuals from all different walks of life were involved in replicating this truck. The entire build was done using photos and videos of the screen-used trucks that the owner located on the internet. No detailed specs were provided by Hasbro or by the original OP builders. In fact we didn't even see the original truck in person until AFTER the build was completed!

Now residing in Pennsylvania, this replica truck from Age of Extinction (AOE) is currently believed to be 1 of only 3 Optimus Prime® AOE trucks in existence. The other two are the ones used for filming. Our replica truck is a very high-quality vehicle that is almost a spot-on match to those movie trucks. One that has also evolved over time, just as Optimus himself would. It is also the only truck of the three that regularly tours North America and Canada, offering a “personal touch” and interactive experience for fans of all ages while also raising tens of thousands for charity...AND promoting a message of anti-bullying.