Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Replica Vehicle

It's 1980 something and on your television screen, David Hasselhoff is wearing a red shirt, and talking to his car....and the car, KITT, is talking back!

KITT - one half of a governmental pilot program is the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), a heavily modified, technologically advanced Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with numerous features, including an extremely durable shell and frame, controlled by a computer with artificial intelligence.

This exact car was featured on AMC’s television show ‘Comic Book Men’, and has also made an appearance in the feature film ‘Fair Market Value’!

  • This replica was completed in 2009. It is a heavily modified Trans Am GTA retrofitted with all the fancy gadgets and accessories you will remember from the original show!

  • K.I.T.T. includes the pulsing red scanner and a very clean / polished exterior that helps him shine in any light.

  • What makes this replica unique is its GTA shell, containing an original GM “Notchback” rear hatch, which was a one-year only production option for the third gen Trans Am.

  • It includes the futuristic interior and gullwing steering wheel, as well as live voice command and response. (a.k.a. the car talks in K.I.T.T.’s original voice!)

  • This car also boasts defensive features such as a front CO2 fire suppressant, a rear PVC rocket launcher, and a 600-watt jet engine sound system that makes KITT sound like a true turbine vehicle.

  • Meet the owners of this beautiful replica and reminisce with them about your favorite episodes. They will be onsite all day to interact with you, and may even have something extra special for the kids!

  • To help promote a safe experience, driver seat photos will not be available. Social distancing will be in full effect, and all exterior photos will be 100% complimentary.