Interactive Movie

What is an interactive movie?

Why...It's a movie showing where you get to yell out all your favorite lines and no one will SHUSH you, of course!

We know your favorite lines, We love them too! Join us as we yell our favorite lines at the screen and use props to act out our favorite parts!

Before the movie starts, our hosts will entertain you with movie trivia, movie related games, and they've even been known to throw in a sword fight or two!

Prop bags and interactive guides included!

Hosts from The Butler Did It Players

Check them out at the button below

FRIDAY August 20 - 8pm - Cerow Arena

Throw on your best pirate, maiden, mermaid, or Davey Jones costume and enjoy The Pirates of the Caribbean; The Curse of the Black Pearl as you've never experienced it before!

Tickets to the movie included with all weekend, family, and VIP passes. Tickets $5.00 pp with purchase of Saturday or Sunday daily admission ticket. Prop bags included!