JOIN US for screenings of advertisements, trailers, short films, and full length episodes of shows produced by AnchorCon Talent. The best part? After you watch them you can meet the producers, writers, and actors to ask how they do it!

Please note: All screenings are considered "for adults only".

Boston based duo of Josh Manning and Damien Chinappi co-created a mystical world of high fantasy creatures seen from the perspective of Tavern owners. We will be showing the pilot episode of this upcoming TV series which is in pursuit of full scale production. Also making an appearance is the DP, Mike Robinson, head puppeteer Shannon Gemma, and lead actress Jess Jarosz. Come meet the team and ask questions at our panels and see how one drunken conversation in a strip club in the Philadelphia back in 2017 became a reality in the face of a global pandemic.


Saturday at 11

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Sunday at 4

Cosplay Universe

We are so excited to have the EXCLUSIVE rights to screen Cosplay Universe by Respect!Films. This amazing documentary featuring cosplay superstars YaYa Han and Kamui Cosplay, as well as our very own Quaintrelle Cosplay teaches you all about the many wonderful facets of cosplay, which has become the soul of cons around the world!

‪‎Cosplay Universe‬ is a documentary film that aims to explore the phenomenon of ‪#‎cosplay‬ in a never before seen way. We’re going to show where #cosplay comes from, how it became the global phenomenon it is today, and also explore why people all over the world find it such a fulfilling and fun hobby and even lifestyle for some. Pledge today and earn some awesome rewards and be a part of #Cosplay history.

Panel Room:

Sunday 1pm


A dedicated group of talented film artists working together to create cinematic magic. Coastal Independent Films LLC is a team of area filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, makeup artists, screenwriters and film composers who strive to produce quality independent films in the southeastern United States. 🎥 🎬


Check out all the cool stuff they've got going:


Saturday at 10

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Sunday at 2

He likes meat. She is a level-two vegetarian.It's their first date and the Steaks are high. This one was also bought by Shorts TV

Zombies and Beer. This one was bought by Shorts TV and is currently playing all over the world.

What happens when a normal guy gets put in jail for parking tickets? Will he crumble under the stress or rise above it?

The comedy from Coastal Independent Films takes you on the prison adventure of a lifetime!

This is the first in a series of micro-shorts based on the classic "A guy walks into a bar..." jokes