Donkey Kong Country

Most points in 5 minutes at the end of the weekend, wins!

$2 to enter (CASH ONLY)

Enter as many time as you like!

Sign up in person in the Gaming Room on the second floor.

Prizes to the winners donated by Infinite Lives!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

Register Here

$5 to enter ( Cash Only, paid when it is your turn) Pre Registration required. Best 2 out of 3, Double elimination, Bring your own controller(will have spares on site just incase). Stages: battlefield, Small battlefield, Final destination, Yoshi’s story, Yoshi’s island, Lylat cruise, Pokémon stadium 2, Smashville, Kalishnakov Pokémon league, Town and city All Rules are in registration form and will be Posted again at tournament check-in area. Prizes donated by Infinite Lives

Displays, Board games, Card games and More!

History of Gaming

Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and more all on display. Learn about the game consoles that paved the way for were we are today. Then try Super Mario 3 on the original Nintendo. (Due to sanitation concerns only the designated Nintendo will be hands on this year)

Knights of Thorn Games

Knights of Thorn Games is your friendly local table-top game store. Knights of Thorn will be at AnchorCon vending, demonstrating, speaking, and playing! Come check them out!


Magic the Gathering(MTG),



Flesh and Blood


Dungeons and Dragons

Knights of Thorn Facebook

Board Game Lending Library

Visit the Board Game Lending Library, borrow a game and enjoy some time with your family or friends!