Cosplay Contest


Cosplay contest made possible by generous contributions by Woodboat Brewery and Hazlewood Mechanical

Master Builder! Novice! Walk On! Kids!

Trophies & Cash Prizes!

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Master Builder:

1st prize - $100 cash, trophy, and VIP ticket to next year’s event

2nd prize - $50 cash and weekend pass for next year


1st prize - $50 cash, trophy, and VIP ticket to next year's event

2nd prize - Weekend ticket to next year's event

Walk On:

1st prize - Trophy and weekend ticket

Kids -

1st prize - Trophy, family pass to next year's event, food voucher for the concession stand on Sunday

Judges Choice- Trophy, VIP Pass to next year's event




Quaintrelle has been cosplaying for nearly a decade, and does it simply for the fun of it. A veteran con-goer, emcee and performer, and with numerous builds under her many belts, Quaintrelle is proud of her record as a mod-cosplayer. Instead of building the majority from scratch, she'll have hours of fun finding pieces that can be modified and put together to create the various cosplays she's created. Featured in the SDCC award-winning documentary "Cosplay Universe", she's so happy to be part of the organizing team that is bringing AnchorCon to Clayton!

facebook: @quaintrellecosplay

Asgardian Angelo

Asgardian Angelo hails from the Rochester, NY area, and has been a cosplayer for 9 years. This veteran has spent her build time enjoying diving into the mind of the character and fully embodying the spirit of it, bringing her cosplays to vivid life. Body positive and fully embracing all interpretations of cosplay, Asgardian Angelo has created cosplays such as Lady Loki, Captain Marvel, Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2), and used her talents to create humanized versions of beloved icons, like the TARDIS.

facebook: @asgardianangelo

IG: @asgardianangelo

Jeff Magnussen

Jeff Magnussen has been making my own costumes for over 10+ years. One of his favorite skill sets is creating costumes from high density foam. The thing he enjoys most about cosplaying is the happiness and excitement it bring to all ages. His most popular cosplays are Batman, Mechagodzilla, Godzilla and Voltron. Some other costumes he's created include Gypsy Danger from Pacific Rim, the Dragonzord from Power Rangers and Batgirl from Batman Arkham Knight. You can view his creations on facebook at JMCC-Jeff Magnussen Cosplay Creations, Instagram at jeffmagcc and Youtube as Jeff Magnussen.

facebook @KaijuKostumes

IG: jeffmagcc


Contest Categories (Click Here)

(Contest presentation will also occur in the following order)

-Master Builder (ages 13 and up) Proof of progress pictures must be submitted to the judges prior to the competition (; subject line: Master Builder Cosplay Contest). Cosplays must be AT LEAST 80% hand made by the cosplayer. Prizes are awarded based on skill level, quality of construction, and overall presentation of cosplay. Commissioned cosplays may be considered ONLY if the commissioned builder is present. The commissioned builder is a person who constructs the cosplay, and the model is the one who wears the completed cosplay. Credit will go to both the commissioned builder of the cosplay and the model. If both builder and model collaborated on the cosplay, proof of collaboration must be provided in progress shots. Prizes are: First Place, receives trophy, cash prize, 2 VIP tickets for AnchorCon 2022, and Second Place: cash prize, 2 regular admission tickets for AnchorCon 2022.

-Novice Builder (ages 13 and up) Proof of progress pictures must be submitted to the judges prior to the competition (; subject line: Novice Cosplay Contest). Cosplays must be at least 50% hand made by the cosplayer. Prizes are awarded based on skill level, quality of construction and overall presentation of cosplay. Commission cosplays will NOT be allowed in the Novice category. Prizes are: First Place, trophy, cash prize, 2 VIP tickets for AnchorCon 2022., and Second Place: cash prize, 2 regular admission tickets for AnchorCon 2022..

-Walk-on (ages 13 and up) Participants in this division are not judged on craftsmanship. Cosplays may be any combination of store- bought, commissioned, modified, or homemade. Prize is awarded to the best presentation of cosplay on stage. Prizes: First Place: receives trophy and weekend tickets for AnchorCon 2022., Second: tickets for AnchorCon 2022.

-Kids’ Category Participants are any child under the age of 13. Kids’ category Cosplays may be homemade, store bought, or a combination. Prize is awarded to the best presentation of cosplay on stage. First Place receives food tickets for the concession stand, a Family Pass to AnchorCon 2022.. Second: food tickets for the concession stand

-Special Award - Best in Show: Winner is selected from ALL categories and awarded based on audience appreciation and cosplay presentation. Best In Show will NOT be the recipient of First or Second Place in the other four awarded categories. Receives trophy and tickets for AnchorCon 2022.

Contest Rules (Click Here)

AnchorCon Cosplay Contest Rules

  • All contestants must be ticket-holding attendees of AnchorCon, and MUST pre-register prior to OR on the day of the contest.

  • Pre-registration can be done online at: or in person on the day of the Cosplay Contest before 11:00 am.

  • If you do not pre-register, you cannot compete in the contest.

  • Participants will receive a number upon registration in the order they are received, which will determine their placement in the contest presentation.

  • Master Builder and Novice Builder category participants must submit progress pictures of their registered cosplays either online prior to competition, or in person during pre-registration.

  • All contestants in the Walk-On, Novice Builder and Master Builder Cosplay contest category must be at least 13 years of age to compete.

  • Kids’ Category Cosplay must be aged newborn to 13 years old to compete. Age 13 as of the day of AC cannot compete in kids' category.

  • No live animals may be used on stage unless it is a service animal. The contest organizers must be notified beforehand during pre-registration if this is the case.

  • No power will be provided (power sockets, extension cords, batteries, etc. – no external power sources will be provided to contestants).

  • All contestants must be able to move onto and across the stage on their own in the cosplays, and operate them independently. No handlers are allowed on stage to help operate a cosplay. Accommodations will be made for any person with a disability who requires the use of wheelchairs, crutches or other supports, or an aide.

  • Cosplays must be worn for the duration of the cosplay contest.

  • For the safety of all participants, Cosplays and props MAY NOT contain active projectiles such as pop guns, air guns, fireworks, projectiles of glitter, confetti, water, flash paper, actual fire, bubbles, ribbons or smoke (real or artificial). Laser pointer sights on prop weapons are not permitted and must be turned off. Strobe lights are not permitted. Vapor emissions may be allowed if they are contained within the cosplay and not projected onto others. LED lights are allowed.

  • For the safety of all participants and entrants, no acrobatics, sexually suggestive dances or gestures, aggressively violent choreography or martial arts routines will be allowed.

  • AnchorCon reserves the right to remove contestants from the Cosplay Contest if necessary. Removal can occur under the following circumstances:

  • Unsportsmanlike/inappropriate conduct/behavior of the contestant is witnessed (i.e. bullying, sexual harassment, intimidation, etc.)

  • Violation of any other AnchorCon rules and policies. (See AnchorCon’s complete Harassment Policy for more information).

  • All decisions are final.

  • All entrants MUST attend the rehearsal prior to the actual contest. If you do not attend the rehearsal, you will not be allowed to participate in the competition. AnchorCon Cosplay Contest reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule.

  • For the safety of all participants No flash photography will be allowed during the contest, both in the audience and backstage. Please take all pictures either before, or after the contest. An on stage photo op time will be made available for the contest winners and participants.

  • Only registered contest participants are allowed backstage during the Novice Builder, Master Builder and Walk-on competition. ONE parent/guardian will be allowed backstage per registered child in the Kids’ category competition.

  • No food or drink will be allowed backstage.

  • Winners must be present at the awards presentation in order to receive any prizes won.

  • Finally, HAVE FUN and follow “Wheaton’s Law.”

General Cosplay Policy (Click Here)

-Any costumes or cosplay that may cause harm to the attendees will not be allowed to enter AnchorCon. This includes costumes that are subtly or blatantly racist, excessively physically violent (blood, gore, etc.), sexist, homophobic or otherwise ill-intentioned or malignant towards others. AnchorCon is a family friendly and inclusive event and reserves the right to refuse entry to any attendee for any other deemed inappropriate cosplays or costumes. See AC’s complete Harassment Policy for further information.

-AnchorCon has a ZERO TOLERANCE harassment policy. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. See AC’s complete Harassment Policy for further information.

-All costumes and cosplays must be public convention appropriate. All cosplays MUST cover body areas covered by regular age-appropriate swimwear attire. Genitals and upper torso of all expressions of gender must be covered. Management reserves the right to refuse entry for any over-sexualized imagery or portrayal of characters. AnchorCon is a family-friendly event, and any material/cosplay/presentation of the two that is not considered safely suitable for minors will not be permitted.

-Any prop or weapon MUST follow convention rules and MUST follow all state and local laws. Cosplay/prop weapons MAY NOT be constructed of metal. Wood and PVC are permitted. All weapons that resemble ANY type of gun MUST be checked and tagged by AnchorCon security upon entering the convention. Per NYS law, prop guns MUST have a completely visible orange marker on the tip of the muzzle (paint, tape, ziptie etc.). BLADED weapons must be dull-edged and checked by security. ALL weapons at AnchorCon will be tagged with an orange marker.

-AnchorCon reserves the right to refuse entry of ANY prop weapons of ANY material if they are deemed potentially harmful.